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Top 5 Takeaways from 2018 A4M Annual World Congress

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) held its 26th A4M Annual World Congress in Las Vegas on Dec 12-15, 2018.

We traveled to Las Vegas to attend and learn from world-renowned keynotes and speakers who highlighted the most innovative and cutting-edge practices and protocols in modern integrative healthcare.

The 4-day conference included advanced clinical education, workshops and a review of the most recent research and studies in modern healthcare. As attendees, here is what we learned and how our clients will benefit in 2019:


Our approach is to research root causes of weight related issues, such as eating habits, lifestyle choices, hormonal imbalances, undiagnosed thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, genetics and more.

Super Women’s Health will enhance its weight management program with a higher emphasis on the Microbiome, the fasting mimicking diet, nutritional foods and programs.

We will also introduce a client dashboard to help measure progress and stay on track.

2. TA-65

Among other things, Super Women’s Health will introduce all natural, plant-based compound which can help maintain or rebuild telomeres, that diminish as people get older.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect it. The length of these caps at the end of chromosomes is a strong indicator of a person’s overall health and real chronological age.


Just like plants, our skin can absorb light and convert it into energy.

Certain wavelengths, or colors, of light can have beneficial effects. They can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate Acne.

The vendor we selected has clinically proven results. In FDA clinical studies 100% of participants showed improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles in just 8 weeks.


We attended several seminars to learn the latest break-through on hormone and nutritional therapies. Part of functional medicine, Bio-identical hormone therapy is designed to optimize your health and lifestyle. Balancing your hormones is our of our top priorities.

Based on scientific data and advanced testing, Super Women’s Health was searching for tests that are easier for the patients. We are happy to announced that we will soon be introducing convenient at-home test kits for hormones.


We understand ordering products from several different stores does not always provide the best customer experience.

We want to improve the shopping experience. That is why Super Women’s Health will soon launch its easy-to-use store to facilitate and support your care plan. Expected launch is early 2019. Stay tuned.

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