What is Bio Identical Hormone therapy or BHRT?


Bio-identical hormones are not the same as most conventional hormones. BHRT or bio identical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones that are identical to ours on a molecular level therefore more effective. They usually have less side effects as we can adjust the dose more precisely to the individual.

Some bio-identical hormones can be found at a regular pharmacy but are not customizable. A compounded bio-identical hormone (made to order) is found at an accredited compounding pharmacy and can be fully customized and may combine more than one hormone.

Bio-identical hormones are usually integrated in more sophisticated regimens where symptoms and environmental factors are taking into consideration to accurately adjust dosing. When complimented by a more precise approach (aka precision medicine) with testing and trending, your personalized therapy becomes more effective. It is therefore recommended to follow your levels regularly as the body’s chemistry is dynamic and highly influenced by external and internal factors.

Hormones are key players in your wellbeing and need to always be considered carefully that is why we suggest thorough trending for best results by a trained healthcare provider to avoid excess or inadequate dosing.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy combined with a functional / integrative approach may moderate the aging process as many factors are being assessed and adjusted.  Hormones are the tip of the iceberg and all complaints should be looked at holistically with root causes being defined and corrected for best outcome.  Lifestyle changes such as stress management, vital nutrients supplementation, exercising, eating a healthy diet are an integrated part of a BHRT regimen.