Bio Identical Hormone Delivery Options

Bio-identical hormones can be given in a multitude of ways to fit your lifestyle

Once the imbalance is identified we like to correct it with bio-identical hormones and like its customization in dosing, the delivery system has also many options. We prefer however, transdermal, sublingual, injectable or implantable (pellet) delivery routes. The frequency of application may differ and should be chosen carefully.

What makes the compounded bio-identical hormones more attractive is its degree of customization and combination possibilities. We can adjust the dose more precisely and add more than one hormone in one delivery system.

The bio-identical hormones we commonly use are estradiol, estriol, testosterone and micronized progesterone. Pregnenolone and DHEA are precursors (they convert) to male and female hormones and may also be added to the regimen depending on the need.

So, we have many routes of delivery available to fit any lifestyle as one treatment does not fit all.  We pay great attention to YOU to choose the best delivery system possible.

They all have advantages and disadvantages, they ought to be discussed in order to select the best one for you. They are also interchangeable if not fulfilling the expectations.





Transdermal Application

Creams and gels

  • Most commonly used for men and women
  • Daily application to the skin
  • Cost effective
  • Rotate application sites
  • When commercially available
    • Pre-determined doses and uses
    • One hormone delivery system
  • When compounded
    • May combine more than one hormone
    • Customizable dosing and application
    • Different delivery systems available
      • Syringes, pumps and topiclicks


  • Worn daily
  • Bi-weekly or weekly rotation
  • Change application sites
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • Commercially available only
  • Pre-determined doses available
  • Not used in men

No testosterone available

Sublingual: Troches or lozenges

  • Daily use
  • Dissolve under the tongue or by your cheeks
  • Customizable dosing
  • May contain more than one hormone
  • May be used by men and women
  • Can be flavored
  • They are NOT to be swallowed

Injectables: Usually used for testosterone therapy

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly injections
  • Intramuscular delivery
  • Preferred for men
  • Customizable dosing
  • One hormone delivery

Pellets: Subcutaneous Implants

  • Small implants inserted under the skin (usually on the upper part of the buttock)
  • Usually inserted every 3 to 4 months by your provider
  • Slow and steady delivery system in regard to the need of the body
  • Customizable dosing
  • May combine Estradiol and/or Testosterone hormones
  • Minimally invasive and quick procedure under local anesthesia

Capsules to compliment all above therapies

Micronized progesterone capsules may also be added to complete the hormonal balance. To be clear: Micronized progesterone is NOT a progestin (it is molecularly different) and does not pose the same side effects.

Micronized progesterone may be commercially available in some doses. However, some dose adjustment may be needed in some cases. When compounded, micronized progesterone becomes customizable to reflect your needs.

Pregnenolone and DHEA may also be used orally and can be combined.  They will be swallowed at certain times of the day according to your needs and symptoms.