Comprehensive & Advanced Testing

The Advanced Testing we offer is comprehensive and is used as a guide to personalize your plan of care. When the values are trended the care plan gets adjusted to allow optimization of the levels and resolution of the symptoms.

  • Advanced Male and Female Hormonal Panels (Serum, Saliva or Urine as needed)
  • 4 point cortisol (saliva)
  • Comprehensive Thyroid panel with antibodies (Serum)
  • Metabolic panels (Serum)
  • Micronutrients (Serum)
  • Genotyping: MTHFR, COMT, APOe, VDR (Serum)
  • Telomere (Serum)
  • Gut Pathogens: Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi … (Stool)
  • Intestinal Permeabilty: Leaky gut testing (Serum)
  • SIBO, IBS (serum)
  • Food Allergies (IgE) and Food Sensitivities (IgG and IgA) (Serum)
  • Advanced Celiac Panels (Serum)
  • Connective TissuePAnels: ANA and ENA (Serum)
  • Heavy Metal Testing (Urine)
  • Mold Testing (Serum)